Samora Reid observed the difficulties that affected his friends and family, he co-founded MediRevu and founded Red Donor to help persons with their health challenges. He also founded consumer-driven solutions such as Revelrii.

Samora completed an MSc in Health Information Management in London, expanding his knowledge in healthcare innovation. His studies focused on implementing strategies to improve the engagement and usage of mobile health solutions by patients. Although branching into health technology, Samora enjoys creating solutions and services to improve client’s operations and customer reach in any industry.

For a full list of projects and achievements he has worked on ranging from website redesigns, marketing materials to web frameworks as well as innovation awards, see his LinkedIn profile and public Git repo.

When he is not zoned into a project, Samora spends his time listening to music, walking through nature and professing his love for coffee and desserts. He also runs a travel/culture blog, Wine and Rum, where he explores Ireland, Austria and Barbados. You can reach him at me (at) samorareid (dot) com or on Twitter at @samosuki